Use your power to affect positive change.

You have valuable knowledge, experience, and perspective - use it!

Actively support the other members of the team.

If you don't use your power - someone else will!

​During conflict, SEE the situation through the other person's eyes

Seldom is anyone right - you just see things very differently.

Assume the other person has as honorable INTENTIONS as you.

​Separate intentions from delivery - Hold others accountable for rotten DELIVERY!


You either win together or you lose together.

Support and encourage - not tear down, walk away from or watch from the sidelines.

Identify where "hand off" work/customers - add value to the next person!

Fix problems and PREVENT them from recurring.

Make your word your bond

It's called INTEGRITY.

Don't create expectations you do not intend to keep.

Stand up for what you believe to be right - even if you are standing alone!

Manage your stuff

Identify YOUR goals, values, rules, and roles first!

Establish clear agreed upon expectations

Identify resources needed to meet expectations (time, skill, supplies, equipment)

Match delivery to expectations. That's accountability!

Focus on YOU (not them)!

Take initiative!

Let others know you will not participate in gossip.

Recognize that ignoring gossip is supporting it.

Fill in more blanks - so there is less need for gossip.

Define both parts of a problem before acting.

The way things ARE and the way you want them to BE.

​Use facts - not opinions assumptions or interpretations.

​ALWAYS present a solution, recommendation, or next step!

Separate your respect from your respectful behavior.

Treat all others with dignity and respect, regardless of whether they deserve it OR NOT!

Through your actions and words, actively demonstrate respectful behavior.

Learn to be a sieve, not a sponge.

Choose to save what nourishes you (helps you achieve your goals, play by your rules).

​Choose to discard what adds no value (someone else's "stuff").

Involve, inform, and educate your customers

Most don't know enough to care enough!

Address things in the needs and interested of the other person.

Share your intentions - this allows for less creativity in "filling in the blanks".