Managing Consultant
Brief Bio

Cathy is an enthusiastic management coach, trainer, and public speaker. For over 30 years, she has worked with individuals and organizations in 45 states as well as the United Kingdom, conducting over 800 private and public workshops. Her work has focused on the processes and skills of leadership, customer service, conflict and change management, teamwork and communication. Her clients span a wide variety of disciplines from medical organizations, banking institutions, manufacturers to public entities. She is a Certified Facilitator from ODI in Boston, Massachusetts and has been on the board of directors for multiple not-for-profit organizations.

Cathy first developed, “The Art of Managing (Your Own Stuff)” to build a foundation of skills, tools and processes that help individuals better manage what is theirs to do. If you don’t manage you… someone else will! “The Lost Art of Customer Service” builds upon this foundation and focuses on managing customer expectations while supporting quality and preventing recurring problems. By customizing these systems to meet her clients’ current needs, she establishes the basis for ongoing individual, team and organizational success. These personal management systems, are based on the non-negotiables of respect, integrity, personal responsibility and continuous improvement.

What you do matters, and quite often what YOU DON’T DO matters even more!

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