A Common Language

Individual and team success is built upon personal responsibility, accountability, clearly defined expectations and non-negotiables – respectful behavior, integrity and continuous improvement. Establishing a common language, with working definitions of what these key words mean, is key. 

Manage – to have in command, to have under control; it is everyone's job to manage their own "stuff"; if you don’t manage you, someone else will!
Stuff – your language, your actions, your career, your skills, your communications, your relationships
Quality – meeting customers’ expectations (daily); manage your customers’ expectations
Customer – anyone who receives product, service or information from you (client, staff, patient, co-worker, family)
Key Customer – a customer whose satisfaction is vital to your success
Respect –  treating all others with dignity and respect regardless of whether they deserve it or not; regardless of whether they have the skill to treat you respectful
Assertive Individual – one who respects the rights of others while respecting their own rights; be assertive not passive (letting others walk over you) or aggressive (walking over others)
Power – the ability to make things happen; the ability to affect change; everyone has power!
Communication – is not a 50/50 deal nor is it what you say; it IS100% your job to get
understanding; you teach people how to treat you.
Accountability – matching what you agreed to do with what you actually delivered; it is the ultimate form of respect; what you do matters; what you don't do often matters even more! 
Problem – the difference between the way things are and the way you want them to be; you are supposed to make mistakes, just not the same ones over and over again; don't just fix - PREVENT
Non-negotiables– respectful behavior, personal accountability, integrity, and continuous improvement
Integrity – do what you say you will do; be who you say you are